Kapton Tape

Product Kapton Tape

  • Coating a POLYIMIDE film backing with a specially formulated, high cross linked silicone based adhes
  • Excellent adhesion on all substrates, even at high temperature.
  • Very high cohesion within the adhesive.
  • Excellent temperature resistance. The tape resists short term exposure above 300°C
  • Perfect anchorage of the adhesive to the backing.


  • Used to cover the gold finger on the circuit board when spraying, prevent the pollution of the gold finger or used in the multi-layer circuit board or the use of the connector, SMT and other high-temperature process conditions.
  • Used to protect specific areas of a PCB, normally the edge connectors, during the wave soldering process.


Product Temperature resistance Color Products Form Adhesive Type Total Thickness Peel adhesion (ASTM-D100 Elongation (ASTMD-1000) Tensile strength (ASTMD-1000)
SP-600 3000C Log roll,Finished roll Silicone 0.055mm 250g/cm 50% 5kg/cm