Masking Tape 150℃~180℃

  • Fine crepe paper backing provide great tensile strength
  • Superior adhesive formula offers high tack and great adhesive power
  • Easy to apply on variety of surfaces
  • Highly flexible, great conformability on concern or uneven surfaces
  • Curling, abrasion and moisture resistant
  • No adhesive residue, good conformability and retract ability
  • With temperature and solvent resistance property
  • Deliver clean and sharp paint line


  • Bonding, sealing, joining and light duty masking tasks
  • Widely apply in stationery and light packaging
  • Can apply on wood and furniture industry
  • Used in construction painting
  • Designed for use in automobile refinish industry
  • Designed for professional automobile painting industry which required higher temperature resistant
  • Ideal for apply to electronic production masking
  • Used in metal preparation, painting and coating
  • Designed for masking of non-painted electronic components during high temperature painting process
  • Applicable to passive electronic components production
  • Apply in ceramic capacitor production process


Product Temperature resistance Color Products Form Adhesive Type Total Thickness Peel adhesion (ASTM-D100 Elongation (ASTMD-1000) Tensile strength (ASTMD-1000)