Manufacturing Equipments Advanced Production Site

In Recent Years, The Trend In Industry Is To Move Towards Automatic Means Of Production, Allowing High-Quality Goods To Be Made Efficiently With A Higher Production Capacity.
SPIRIT Continually Improves The Design Of Its Existing Machines And Research And Develops New Models In Order To Satisfy The Needs Of Industry Better. SPIRIT Has Two Coating Machine Designed In Accordance With The Different Adhesive Formula That SPIRIT Produces. They Are Dedicated Machines That Produce High Quality Masking Tape And PVC Tape.
They Are Equipped With Sections For The Adhesive Vulcanization As Well As A Metering And Mixing System For Adhesive Cross-Linking Agent To Be Able To Produce Adhesive Tape Jumbo Rolls For High Temperature. The Working Width Of The Coating Machine Is Up To 1600mm And The Mechanical Speed Can Up To 150m/Min. Also, SPIRIT Has Different Converting System Machines For SPECIALITY TAPES.

Friendly Environmental Protection Measures

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing System

To meet the demands for VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emission reduction and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, SPIRIT applies the solvent recovery system in adhesive tape production plant. This system use specialized activated carbon adsorption, coming off, condensation and after water-oil separation process may be purified and recycled to use again. The organic solvent that produces waste gas can be effectively captured and adsorbed. The solvent recycling is also advanced technology to recover and reuse waste solvents in varied industrial applications.
The recovery of solvent utilizing a solvent recovery system allows the user to drastically reduce the cost of purchasing and disposal. It also minimizes or eliminates impact of hazardous material on employees and surrounding community. The environmental impact on people and companies is important to the creation of a good neighbor profile which has major benefits to the community